The most spectacular race venue ever, Karkloof South Africa


This has got to be the most impressive race venue on the UCI circuit. The A line goes off that waterfall! There is a B line that takes you along the top of those limestone cliffs though if you’re scared. This is the next Category 2 race we’ll be doing and it takes place here this Saturday. If you remove the 500ft waterfall huck, it’s a pretty flat course with some wee power climbs and a couple of very tricky rock sections. Most of it though, true to SA form, is fast flowing fun on dusty single track. I am pooped though. On course practise today I could not get it together. Legs aching, stomach churning. I’ve got another day to get my flow back and then, like it or not, I’m on that start line. Better get in the hammock…

3 thoughts on “The most spectacular race venue ever, Karkloof South Africa

  1. Lee Craigie. Today is your Mother’s Birthday. You’re supposed to be nice to her, to consider her feelings and give her cakes and cards and presents. She’ll be so worried about you riding off the waterfall that she’ll not be able to eat her cake or concentrate long enough to read her cards or open the presents. Don’t you think you should give her a hint that it’s maybe not quite all true? It is her birthday after all…

  2. Short power climbs and techy rocky bits? That course is made for you! Hammock, avacado and a good old head chat with Napoleon will sort you out. Dig in you little warrior x

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