World Cup Test Event eventful.

Ooft! Yesterday was the Category 2 World Cup test event at Cascades, South Africa and IT WAS HARD. 5.8km and nearly 250m climbing per lap after 5 laps was always going to smart a bit. Throw into the mix a 3 foot drop, 5 foot steep log section and 2 rock gardens then stand back and watch how a riders bike handling ability deteriorates over this length of time. Well, you can watch how mine deteriorates anyway if you go on U Tube. Its not graceful. By lap 5 my hip flexors and forearms were cramping so badly I couldn’t stand up or brake which made things interesting. But I finished. I consolidated a good start and sat in 9th place for 3 laps then, as my body began to object, I just tried to minimise my losses in the final stages of the race. I dropped a couple of places but still managed to finish 12th against some of the best riders in the world. Cecile Ravanel took the win from Annie Last who came in 10 seconds later. Next weekend we step up for the World Cup on the same course but against double the size of field. 60 plus women will battle it out at next weeks World Cup. Let’s hope I can hold on. Literally. In the youth races, my Orange Monkey house mates dropped like flies with 2 boys suffering 2 broken wrists. In the men’s race, Nino Shuchter took the win with SA’s own Bury close on his heels. Today, after a recovery spin, we all head north for a couple of days respite on safari. More Giraffes. That’s what is needed. Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

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