On safari

We are in St Lucia which is an interesting world heritage site on an estuary full of crocs and hippos. We saw some yesterday from a boat at sunset. Did you know hippos could run at 15km per hour on the river bed and hold their breath for 3 minutes?
We are taking some time away from Pietermaritzburg before the World Cup this weekend because we are all a little sick of it and bike racing.
I am spending my morning in a bizarrely kitch coffee shop calling itself Tymes Square which is decked out Alice in Wonderland style. The staff are all wearing pink polo shirts and pearl necklaces and copies of House and Garden are littered everywhere.
Safari yesterday was amazing. The guide was pretty anxious we might not have had a good time because of the volume of the voice of the annoying american expressing his disappointment at their being no animals but I was impressed. We got up at 5am and made our way to a game reserve in an open topped truck. It was pissing it down and a bit cold but I was alright cos I had lots of clothes on. We sat there getting buffetted around my warminsh wind and rain and watched the sun slowly rising over the most incredible green jungle hillside. We drove until 7 when we got off the truck for breakfast and hoped we weren't eaten by anything. Afterwards while the mist was still rolling about in the valleys we bounced along the dirt roads in search of game. We saw a rino who walked like me, giraffes, massive spiders, buck, vilderbeast, tortoise, warthog, zebra, a herd of elephants, a very cool male deer type thing with orange strips and yellow legs and (with eyes like a hawk from his time on the veld) the guide spotted a lioness on a far off hillside. And baby elephants. Did I mentio those? Very cool.
Then we had a braai for lunch, came home then went off croc and hippo spotting on the boat. Very eventful day.
I am feeling absolutely dreadful tho. After last weekends racing my body has given up. I have a hacking cough, sore throat and ears and every time I stand up I think to myself I don't want to be doing that for long. I slept 9 hours last night tho so I m hoping that will help with the mend.

I've got a couple of days left before I have to find the form of my season for Saturdays World Cup. 


2 thoughts on “On safari

  1. Watched your race Lee and saw your descent with a broken bike on your shoulders. What a shame. But you must be pleased with other race results! Your fan club are impressed with your performances and that’s all that counts! x

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