THAT was really sore. The Houffalize course was a brutal reminder of how it feels to race at this level. Apparently I looked like I was going to die much of the time. This news did not at all surprise me. Despite feeling pretty good in practise I just could not get the effort out today and finished 4 places back on my start position. But I didn’t get pulled, or lapped and I only had one embarrassing off on the final lap on a rock drop (sharp intakes of breath all round and a bruised left buttock). But, Belgium was brilliant. They know how to put on a spectacular bike race those guys. AND they make a mean waffle. Bizarrely, only hours from thinking to myself I would never do that again, I am already planning to do that again. Am I tweaked? Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

3 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Lee,A huge big effort and really admire your move this season to the Worlds…. But please keep this positive head. When you came back to the domestic British series at Sherwood it truly shows that you are going forward……. Dig in and a brave move from Torq but will make you better long term…..Tony

  2. Hellooo Leeee! I’m super impressed by all your riding, results, dedication and working at the level you are and I am cheering you on from the Fife sidelines. If it was easy you’d not be so hooked?!

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