Dirty Dalby

I have just fished the last bit of mud out of my eyes at a service station near Penrith and now no longer have to drive with alternate eyes shut.
Round 2 of the British National Series carried beefy Category 1 UCI points which accounted for the elite women’s race starting with 27 riders including Hungarian, American, Chinese and South African representatives.
With weather conditions heralding Armageddon, poor Celia the Lapierre went through a set of brake pads just in practise. She was not happy. She is French. From the gun, the race was led out by World Downhill Champion Tracy Mosley who showed us all the line round the tight muddy turns and initial downhill section. After the start loop, GB’s Annie Last was leading followed by Barbara Benko pushing Tracy into 3rd while I stuck to the dowhillers wheel in an effort to copy her line choice. For the next 2 laps Tracy and I ding donged, me overtaking her on the climbs and she getting the better of me on the technical, slippy descents until I eventually dropped her for good. During the battle the Chinese girl cruised gracefully past us both on a steep climb and we exchanged withering looks. I now sat in 4th and I just had to consolidate. I felt more fatigued than expected. My leg muscles protesting without consulting my heart and lungs first. I did manage to find a rhythm and limit any more loses and finished 4th with Tracy 5th and South African Samantha Sanders in 6th. A big thank you to my support team Natalie and Alex (pictured with their fine artwork) who suffered the cold and the wet alongside me. Though without so much of it in their eyes fortunately.


1 thought on “Dirty Dalby

  1. What a fantastic support team you’ve got!!You’ve forgotten to mention the benefits of the Yorkshire mud on the skin!

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