On the plus side, the hospital experience in the Czech Republic is a pleasant one. They lie you on a trolley made from old bicycles that you can wheel yourself. Until you get caught. I know this because I was taken there this morning with a suspected fractured pelvis after landing hard on my hip off a 2m drop. Silly really. I rode it fine last year and so went into it without the respect it deserved. However, also on the plus side, I don’t have a fractured pelvis (although they told me I did from the initial x rays. 3 Dr’s um’d and ah’d in whatever the Czech equivalent is and then pronounced me not broken). The disappointment of all that the injury might still mean was off set somewhat by this news. The reprieve from 10 days in a Czech hospital, nice though it was, followed by 6 months rehab has left me feeling giddy with relief. It might not be just relief come to think of it, they gave me some pretty big pills. So, I m on enforced bed rest. Sarah, the British Cycling swanny, is standing to attention right outside my door and I, the model patient, am lying in bed still in my bloodied lycra and clocking up some quality chamoix time. Tonight I will repair and tomorrow I shall rise like a phoenix from the ashes of disaster to win the Sprint Eliminator. Oh yes I shall…
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World Cup Racing, Czech Rep

This morning, as I flapped about getting ready to travel to the Czech Republic for the next Mtn Bike World Cup of the series, I found myself drinking coffee while on the phone AND doing yoga. Now I’ve always been one for time tetrus but, in retrospect, that takes the ostentatious biscuit. All I was missing was a hands free headset and I could have passed for one of those women who believe so completely in their own self importance that they take minuscule lunch breaks and fill them with caffeine and workouts. What I find is you end up not enjoying either of them and really piss off the person on the other end of the phone. Still, I made it to Inverness airport this afternoon suitable stretched and caffeinated and having only pissed off a couple of people. I strutted through departures in my garish GB cycling uniform, casually acknowledging enquiries as to my destination and purpose. I forgot to put my sunglasses on my head unfortunately but I think I got away with it. I’ll keep it up in Bristol airport. I may find some children I can pat on the head benevolently while swaggering between flights and should arrive in Prague this evening to be swept up by British Cycling and taken to my hotel. Tomorrow, once the mechanics have built my bike, I’ll pre ride the course at Nove Mesto na Morave. Then I ll get my arse kicked in the Pro Sprint Eliminator on Friday afternoon before losing the rest of my stuffing and self esteem in the main event on Sunday which will be televised by Red Bull TV for the world to see. It’s a funny thing that I do. Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

Epic day out in the Scottish Highlands with my new bike and favourite dog


That was fun! Drove round from my home in Inverness to Kintail on the west coast then rode the route used in the famous Highland Cross to Glen Affric then home. We ll worry about picking up the van another day. Epic flowing singletrack from start to finish. My new Lapierre Zesty leapt over the cross drains effortlessly while I hung on grinning. Great day with only Digger the Dog for company. This was probably best as at one point I m sure I made a whooping noise like that of an elderly relative on the dance floor at a wedding. And home in time for dinner with Tony and Al and a cheese cake that replaced all calories burned in a mouthful. So I had 2. Nice to see them too of course