On the plus side, the hospital experience in the Czech Republic is a pleasant one. They lie you on a trolley made from old bicycles that you can wheel yourself. Until you get caught. I know this because I was taken there this morning with a suspected fractured pelvis after landing hard on my hip off a 2m drop. Silly really. I rode it fine last year and so went into it without the respect it deserved. However, also on the plus side, I don’t have a fractured pelvis (although they told me I did from the initial x rays. 3 Dr’s um’d and ah’d in whatever the Czech equivalent is and then pronounced me not broken). The disappointment of all that the injury might still mean was off set somewhat by this news. The reprieve from 10 days in a Czech hospital, nice though it was, followed by 6 months rehab has left me feeling giddy with relief. It might not be just relief come to think of it, they gave me some pretty big pills. So, I m on enforced bed rest. Sarah, the British Cycling swanny, is standing to attention right outside my door and I, the model patient, am lying in bed still in my bloodied lycra and clocking up some quality chamoix time. Tonight I will repair and tomorrow I shall rise like a phoenix from the ashes of disaster to win the Sprint Eliminator. Oh yes I shall…
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3 thoughts on “Oops

  1. shit lee! What is it with you and world cups? I think you do it deliberately to give the others a chance but.. Are you really still going to race though? I hope you get fixed and well soon. x

  2. Pheonix rising has to be thought about carefully Lee. No leaping back into the saddle and 100 mph pedalling. Think pheonix like slow flapping first. and lots of rests! xx

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