BA (Best Airline) help get my USA World Cup trip off to a flying start


In Glasgow the lovely ladies at BA helped me apply for the Visa waiver I didn’t know I needed and held check in open. In New York, Edwina from baggage went to her car and got a map of Brooklyn that she photocopied for me then penned a route and her phone number in case I got lost! You get what you pay for I suppose. I arrived on Monday and spent the night in the Big Apple before picking up the HUGE RV. I then had to drive a vehicle 10ft wide, 12ft high and 22ft long through the middle of Brooklyn to get Maxine from JFK airport. An eventful little afternoon. A couple of 15 point turns, some reversing up streets ending in low bridges and the swiping of some guys wing mirror helped focus the mind somewhat. But I made it and only 3 hours late. We then fought our way through the Bronx, which proved disappointingly straight forward, before the road opened up and we began sailing upstate. Stopping the night in the car park of a Sushi restaurant near Newburgh we finally relaxed in our spacious apartment on wheels and giggled a bit at our journey so far. This morning things are due to get much, much better. It’s 25 degrees and we are about to stop for a spin in the Aiderondack National Park. Brooklyn battles are a distant memory and we’re beginning to enjoy feeling like Road Bears in Yogi the RV. (Photographed is our breakfast choice. Twinkes: The food of champions!)
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