Musings on the Windham World Cup and broken fingers


Here we are. Maxine Filby, Yogi and Roadbear and myself have limped the 8 hour drive from Quebec to the next race venue here in the Catskill mountains, upper New York state. The bad news is, my finger is still very much broken. I wake myself up several times a night with my normal semi concious involuntary twitchings that have turned excruciating now I have a fractured digit. I thought I might have got away with it by taping 2 fingers together and taking a deep breath but I can’t even hold my bars on the road. Its a shame for me. Today I consoled myself with a 4 hour training ride in an effort to rebuild my form and refocus my goals for the British National Champs in 3 weeks time. In the meantime I just have to be brave and philosophical and try to hide my toddler like tantrums from anyone not related to me. Quite hard. I do have to remind myself that the trip has already been worth it. I am now ranked 88th in the world now that last weekend’s points have been added. And I am sitting in the sun with a coffee at a World Cup venue. I really should be more grateful. The thing is, I think America is spoiling me. It’s the combination of the infinite amounts of choice you have in everything (45 different varieties of chutney in the supermarket) and the drug that is corn syrup. It’s in everything and it makes you fat and stupid. I think in my remaining days here I will take a step back and try to find some quiet and solitude. I won’t drink so much coffee and I’ll eat more fruit. I’ll not engage in 45minute conversations about bike components and instead I’ll go for a walk in the forest. It’s possible to remain yourself here but you have to be vigilant. EVERYONE is out to get you!
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1 thought on “Musings on the Windham World Cup and broken fingers

  1. Hey Miss Craigie, hope your finger heals up soon, least it’s not your bird flipping finger – i am lead to believe that is a mandatory driving instrument in the US of A. Don’t think you should hide your tantrums by the way, if you get properly emotional you might get your own TV show out there – or at least a Jerry Springer type appearance?See you soon, when you back in UK?Top result in Mt St Anne incidentally, and who’s the hottie in the pic?Luv Zip

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