I came 37th at a cold and wet at Val d’Isere World Cup. Perfect for the Scots!


It started badly though. In the pens before the race, the Italian Lapierre distributor came up and shook my hand violently. He was a bear of a man who didn’t spot my bandaged broken finger in his excitement. So I minced to the start line (53rd on the grid) with a throbbing wee finger as well as the usual pounding heart. I started and stayed in control this time, not my usual style where I whip off the line like I’m in a 100m sprint rather than a 30km xc race. In so doing I didn’t completely blow, a novelty for me at a World Cup. I came through at the start of the 2nd lap in 34th place and felt pretty good. It was slippery and tricky on course in places but I managed to hold my position by keeping it smooth where others were not. Then I crashed. Not badly but enough to lose a few seconds which, at this level, equates to a few places. Here I stayed in a battle with a group of chasing riders until I got pulled a lap from the end. I’d like to say I was disappointed not to finish on the same lap as the lead riders, I was in such a world of pain by then that I nearly kissed the guy who snipped my transponder off. I finished 37th. 15 places up on my start grid. No bad. Now I have a holiday with my sister in this god forsaken place. Single track everywhere and enough dramatic scenery to shake a stick at. Sunny too. Shame. Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

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