I am sitting outside a cafe in an overgrown square in an insignificant town near Lyon airport. I parked up last night having dropped my sister at the airport, my first impressions of the town being that it might be in the process of decommision! Shutters closed, no bars or restaurants, small supermarket boarded up. I skulked about a bit then went to bed (it’s all the same in my van when I close the curtains). I awoke at 7 with an urgent physiological need but not one that could be easily or cleanly dealt with using a Costa coffee cup and a plastic bottle. I got up and discovered that my ghost town was buzzing. Workers everywhere, 2 bars had popped up where I swear there were none, shutters thrown back, tables and chairs had magically appeared transforming the overgrown square which had flowers growing through the weeds and most importantly, there were toilets. Now I’m sitting here accompanied by no less that 6 other people and wondering how I missed this ugly lovely town’s potential last night. I think I was a bit low and tired. We had left the Alps and I was alone with time to kill. My mind created a scene that suited my mood and I was too involved to notice. It happens too often and it’s at the root of my performance on the bike too. All too often we concentrate on getting the physical and technical preparations just right when really, as long as there is a toilet to poo in, you can get away with just thinking positively most of the time. Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

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