Mind over matter. Some secrets of race prep


Well now here’s an interesting revelation. It seems that with all my determination and tenacity once the gun has gone and the race is underway, my mind and body seem to have a habit of letting me down in the preparation phase. This year I have had more illness and injury during preparation than I ever have before. In contrast, I have suffered a double fracture and dislocation of a finger during a World Cup and rode on to get my best ever international result. It’s a very strange thing this preparing for big races. I can be 100% committed during a race but beforehand?
The mind is an immensely powerful thing and must be put to a bike racer’s advantage at all times, not just during the race. In many ways during a race or a hard training session is the easiest time to focus and think positively. It’s in all the space around that time when doubt and questions about self worth can creep in that you must be vigilant. Being a bike racer (or doing anything very well) is a full time thing. A life of constant mastery of emotion and imagination. It’s exhausting. Today is the day before the biggest race of my season. Tomorrow I will be on the start line of The World Championships here in Austria but my preparation has been far from ideal. Ridiculous as it may sound, I have allowed myself to get ill. Like most things in the body I think it is possible to control your immune system to a large extent with the power of positive thought but I have failed again this time. It might sound like I’m being hard on myself but I know what my mind is capable of and it is much more than this. The trick now is not to beat myself up about it and try and get in touch with the strong willed, tenacious, determined me that will be summoned when the race starts. I can still do something. My very best. Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

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