No bike racing this weekend after last weekend’s Works Cup took all I had in the tank #illagain

Rubbish eh? I just don’t seem able to stay well this year. From the gun last Sunday in Czech Rep I knew I wasn’t right but when the crowd is 5 deep and you’ve spent all week preparing and you’ve driven all that way and the course is that good, you’re not going to just stop are you? Should have. Idiot. Now I am wasted from some viral infection and unable to race in the BCXC series this Sunday. It’s a shame for me.
I m trying to figure this out. I ate well, slept well, didn’t have to work or come into contact with lots of people. Interesting that the only thing left I failed to mange was my head. A bit of stress around a race is essential. But for it to constantly swirl and drain you leaves you as open to illness as a nursery teacher. More work to be done here. This time off the bike.

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