Off to check out some wild swimming spots in the Pyrenees. Might do a World Cup while I’m out there

It’s been a surreal few days since the national champs win in Glasgow. I have been overwhelmed by the congratulations and kind words of so many people. Thank you all very much.

After a “recovery” ride with my BFF Rab Wardell on Monday and a quick promotional video posted to You Tube on the benefits of Prancersie (Rab also very much involved though my sister not without influence too. They were her flattering white leggings for example) I drove to London to drop my van in preparation for the final NPS round in August.

But first I’m off to Andorra for a World Cup. Still a bit bruised feeling and definitely lacking sleep I am sitting outside gatwick airport hoping that Ferga will turn up in time to get this flight to Barcelona. We’ll have a reunion there with coach Paul Newnham and fellow Scottish squad member Gareth Montgomerie (who got a cracking 5th at the nationals last weekend). Then all 4 of us will drive 3 hours north west to the ski area of Vallnord where we will prepare as best we can for a race at altitude on Saturday.
After that, plans get a bit silly. Ferga and I will pack down our gear and ride north with a pannier each. Our only objective to be back in time for the NPS in London (me) / work (her) by the 18th August without being too broken to perform. We will follow points marked on a map taken from a wild swimming guide. What could possibly go wrong?

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