Andorra beautiful, hot and high

We are in El Serrat, high in the Andorran Pyrenees. At 2229 metres and 32 degrees there are a few things to battle against in order to prepare for this World Cup on Saturday.
Today I dropped down to the valley below us and climbed the adjacent one to the event arena which took an hour of solid pedal pushing. By the time I had done this and signed on at accreditation it was time for a nap!

It’s true to say I am still pretty wasted from the nationals last weekend. The race in Glasgow was hard but so was the emotional build up and release and so now I am frantically recovering (despite knowing that is impossible) in time to do my best at the weekend.
When I did get out in course today I was a little disappointed. In this amazing high alpine bowl laced with bike trails, the xc course is comprised largely of grassy field! The bouncy castle village will liven things up a bit though.

There are some terrifyingly fast single track sections and a couple of killer climbs too so all is not lost. I just need to find my legs and lungs, remind them of the importance of working together and get stuck in!

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