36th at World Cup in Andorra

That was so hard. I ve never before felt my face and fingers tingle in a race from oxygen deprivation but here in Andorra it was all I could do to stay upright!

Fortunately most of the field were in the same boat so we suffered together and rode as best we could.
For me this was a case of winding it up to tempo and staying there the entire race. If i tried to go any harder I started to blow so in some ways it was a pretty straightforward race. There was nothing technically hard, the enemy today was your suffer limit.

I rode a steady race catching people on climbs that had gone a bit hard at the start. I rode up to 32nd at one point then had to back off to ensure I could finish the race and 4 girls who wanted it more than me on the day came past. Good for them.
Still, a solid result and a great training and international race experience. It’s all part of the bigger picture right now – getting prepared for the commonwealth games. So glad Glasgow is cold and wet and at boring old sea level. Remind me I said that.

1 thought on “36th at World Cup in Andorra

  1. Good for you I was knackered watching it on Red Bull. Their coverage is very selective, after the start only the first 16 are ever mentioned have agood break–Luv Dad

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