4 eventful days into Scottish Cycling training camp Girona #laughs #wholeteampileups #sun #nappyrash #babylions #dernynoises #illicitmadisonpulls

Having racked up 17.5 hours ride time over 4 days in the unseasonably warm north east of Spain we welcome a rest day tomorrow.

So far on this training camp there has been a notable lack of coffee stops and Prancersie. Something I am assured will be rectified tomorrow.

I’m getting tonnes out of riding with the road girls. Yesterday we emulated some crit racing where we paired up and one person rode like a derny and the rider behind tried to keep up while stuck in their smallest gear. It’s fair to say I was crap at this and had to rely on my derny chum Anne Ewing giving me the occasional Madison swing.

The day before this ended badly. During a 5 hour ride and on our 3rd 30 min block of through and off we practised crashing a wee bit. Kerry McPhee landed on her head and Charlene Joiner on her back and the rest of us landed on various bits of them thus escaping any real damage. Everyone will live to ride another day but some will take longer to heal than others. A low point.

That day followed Day 1 which was a 6 hour saddle time special which is roughly double what I’ve been up to over Christmas!

Today we rode a 40 min steep climb at pace and I relied on my mtn bikers brute force to keep me out of the red zone. No weaving. Bit of swearing. A good steady effort.

We are staying in a great place just outside Banyoles near Girona. I am rooming with Julie Erskine who is such a nice girl that I don’t mind that she keeps a snuffling baby lion under her bed at night.

The company is great, the roads are smooth and fast, the sun is out (Gemma is even wearing shorts though admittedly with merino wool socks). I am on a balcony basking in the dying warmth of the winter sun with tired legs and a sore bottom. Life is generally good.

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