For a strong body, you must exercise it. For a strong mind, you must practise keeping it still

This little sentiment is easier said than done but the more involved I become with elite sporting performance the more I understand the importance of this.
I am in Spain. I came out here for a 10 day training camp at Mas Pelegri / Girona Cycling with ScottishCycling at the start of Feb and I find myself still here. The support of the No More Page 3 campaign (which is helping promote positive female sporting role models) means for the first year ever I don’t have to rush back to work with the kids at Cycletherapy. In fact I have no plans to go home until the middle of March which leaves a lot of time to train and, more importantly, get strong out here.

Training and getting strong are not the same thing. Training makes you weak. It depletes your stores physically and emotionally. It takes mindfulness and self awareness to get strong (ie to stop riding your bike and sit on your arse for a bit). I’ve never had much problem with the former. I am practising the latter.

I sit. I don’t pick up my phone. I don’t read my book. I don’t let my mind race off and make plans for when I am rested enough to exercise again. I resist worrying that I have done enough. I try not to concern myself with what others are achieving. I just sit and breath in. Then out. And repeat.

Until eventually I get bored and eat chocolate.

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