That was a bit hurty. 2nd at the 1st round of the @BCXCSeries today with Scottish teammates @Jessie_Roberts3 and @KerryMacPhee 3rd and 4th!

But it didn’t start well. After 3 hours sleep and a rubbish warm up, I rolled into the first lap of the flat, fast course in 3rd gear and never moved out of it! Sitting 5th I watched as my teammates Kerry and Jessie knocked lumps out of each other a few seconds up the road. They reeled in GB’s Beth Crumpton while I stayed at a safe distance then Kerry punctured and I overtook all 3 to try and claw my way back into race contention with the Belgian National Champion way up front. But 3rd gear was never going to be enough for that and with screaming legs I contented myself with finishing 2nd.
The course beat me down. Long drags through lumpy grass, tight turn through trees, bunny hops over logs and a surprising little BMX track interlude made for a diverse 5 lap race in Braintree, Essex.
I watched from the crack in the door of the dope control tent (for the top 2 finishers plus 1 random sample) as the men’s race got underway and stayed there for its entirety while I tried to rehydrate enough to provide a urine sample! So glamorous. Now Dave Henderson and I are having a mini break in a premier inn at Stanstead airport before flying to Croatia on Tuesday for another Cat 1 race and back to back marathon. Bit more glamorous (not the premier inn part necessarily).