Boobs, brains and biceps. Read all about it #internationalwomensday

I’m in Spain on International Woman’s Day and it’s the eve of my first mountain bike race of the 2014 season. It’s been a rocky winter but I’m stronger than I deserve to be and I find that for the first time ever before a race I’m not filled with an excitement that tips over to dread. Instead my excitement feels just like excitement and I am actually looking forward to racing this Cat 1 event in Banyoles, Girona tomorrow. Is this experience? A shift in values? Perspective? Not sure but it feels good.

In the sporting world (and particularly the mountain bike one) masculinity dominates. All the things traditionally thought of as comprising a good athlete ; competitiveness, combatively, aggression, physical strength, a set of bollocks to produce testosterone, I will now attempt to put a bomb under.

As it’s International Woman’s Day, let’s examine some traditionally female personality traits in terms of elite sporting performance. Patience, physical endurance, intuition, emotional attunment. These things are just as important and quite often overlooked. I’m not saying that woman are better than men at sport. I’m saying than an individual not afraid to embrace both the masculine and feminine attributes within themselves will be the ones to watch when that gun goes.

Wish both parts of my personality luck tomorrow!!

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