Village life musings #athletesvillage @Team_Scotland @Glasgow2014

I’ve been informed that my last morbid post about heavy hearts, British national championships and damaged calves is out of date and I have to move on. So here I am moving on. I’M IN THE ATHLETE’S VILLAGE!! (and it’s pretty amazing).

4000 athletes from all over the world have convened in my home town to celebrate all the best bits about being human. Some countries travelled for 10 days to get here. I spun down in 25minutes from my mum’s flat!
Last night I walked into Celtic Park to the roars of a crowd so loud it took my breath away.
Today I have spent 3 hours course training in the sun then talked with representatives from 6 different nations in the lunch hall, stood in an ice bath while eating my lunch, had my skinfolds tested by a nutritionalist, had queries answered by the wonderfully helpful support team in Scotland Street, stretched, had a message, slept and watched triathlon on the telly. You?
It’s pretty full on in here. I could spend 100% of my energy 100 times over in this environment every day but I cant. The next few days are going to be all about energy saving then, after Tuesday, I’ll be able to kick back and enjoy it all.
So, you might not hear much from me until then. Social media on top of just plain social is too much for my tiny brain.
I want to thank you all up until now and for your future wishes of good luck. I might not read them until afterwards but I will ready them and I will be out there on Tuesday doing my absolute best to make you all, and myself, very proud.


3 thoughts on “Village life musings #athletesvillage @Team_Scotland @Glasgow2014

  1. Well Done Lee for a fantatsic ride, the course was immense! I’ve only been able to get updates on the Games web-site as the Live coverage stream didn’t seem to work but I was toally rooted to is (instead of working) and (inwardly) cheering you on! Dead proud of ya πŸ™‚

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