7th place @Glasgow2014 #CathkinBraes mountain bike race yesterday. Had the race of my life and owe that to the crowd. THANK YOU

Yesterday went by in a blur of nerves and celebration. I’ve slept for an hour and now I want to make contact with you all and thank you for your support and encouragement.
My day started early. I pinged awake at 5.30am and had done 6 laps of the course in my head before I even got out of bed. My team mates Jessie Roberts and Kerry McPhee and I spun up to the course and through security before beginning our warm up in the Team Scotland pits.
I was so nervous I fell off my rollers twice then there was a tricky moment when I rolled out onto the start line and everyone started banging the boards and shouting my name when I had to hold back the tears! I managed though and got off to a storming start on the wheel of the kiwi Karen Hanlon. I held Karen’s wheel to the bottom of the first lap then the course kicked up hill and the other hitters came into play. I settled into 5th place and rode a steady lap.
The noise from the crowd acted like a slingshot and at every corner and hill I was flung forward by their momentum. At times I felt like I was on a conveyor belt of emotion and my legs weren’t even having to work!
Then I hit something hard with my back wheel and convinced myself I was carrying a puncture. I stopped in the pits going into lap 4 and lost 2 places while John the mechanic and I tried to make ourselves heard above the noise. Once we ascertained that I didn’t have a flat (and that I am an idiot) he shoved me off and I got back into the race.
I had a 2 lap ding dong with Hanlon which I eventually lost by 20 metres in a sprint for the line but I clawed one place back and for that I was grateful.
7th at a major games is a great result for me and I am very pleased with how I rode.
Stepping out into the main arena after my event was similarly overwhelming. I spent the entire men’s race hugging and thanking people and I know there were more of you out there cheering me on that I missed. I hope over the next while I get to thank you in person and maybe even go for a ride with some of you?
I announced my retirement from international xc racing yesterday but I will never stop racing my bike. I have some plans for the 2015 season that include a more fun form of racing but I
want to hang onto this xc race memory as my last. It’s been amazing


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