And now for something completely different #bikepacking @Alpkit #ridingvenicetodubrovnickoffroad

With the Commonwealth Games still whirring in my mind I find the strategy of keeping moving offers the most relief. This is why we found ourselves late last night chopping the handles off our toothbrushes and tin mugs and packing our bikes. Today we fly (with new streamlined mugs and toothbrushes) to Venice where we will begin our bike tour round the Adriatic Sea.

Ferga and I will ride north into the Dolomites and use the alpine hut system to ride east to Slovenia before dropping back down to the sea and picking our way through the islands off the coast of Croatia. We hope to ride through Montenegro and Albania before backtracking a bit to catch a flight home from Dubrovnik at the end of the month.

This change of pace and scene will do me good. I’m looking forward to climbing some hills with my head up instead of looking at my heart rate and power outputs on my Garmin. I lost my Garmin in the athletes village in fact. Just as well as I might have been tempted to take the junior hacksaw to that last night as well.

We’ll keep you posted x

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