Day 5 #bikepackingroundtheariaticsea In the stunning Dolomites #rain #sellaronda #singletrack #viaferrataonbikes @Alpkit

I know the last you heard we were off bike packing round the Dolomites then it all went quiet. Sorry about that but we’ve been a bit busy dodging storms and testing our Alpkit on technical singletrack. Priorities.
We are on day 5 of our 25 day trip round the Adriatic Sea (plus or minus a few spectacular detours into some big hills) and we find ourselves in Cortina. We rode from Venice under threatening skies into the hills intent on wild camping come what may. What may came on the 3rd night and sent us into a Refugio after a days climbing up through steeping valleys from the town of Belluno in the pissing rain.
The next day the sun came out and we pushed up to join the infamous Sellaronda route where the UCI MTB Marathon was held last year.
We traversed high alpine passes and descended some techy singletrack with our fully Alpkit laden Cannondale Leftys. I couldn’t believe how well balanced the bike felt with full camping equipment and food on board and neither could the squadrons of weekend warriors we passed riding full suss’ers and wearing full face helmets (funny).

We dropped into Arabba and climbed another 2000m col to camp on some ants (not funny). Then more of the fabulous same, pausing to dry out kit, all the way to Cortina in a thunderstorm (kind of funny, particularly the pedal dance we both to keep warm on the 15km descent).

And here we are. Only one crash, one wrecked fleece (don’t get your clothing caught in your wheel at high speed kids) and a few squashed male egos at getting pumped on the bike park into Arraba by a couple of chicks on fully laden hardtails! Ho hum

1 thought on “Day 5 #bikepackingroundtheariaticsea In the stunning Dolomites #rain #sellaronda #singletrack #viaferrataonbikes @Alpkit

  1. That all sounds ok, if you like that kind of thing – we drank some coffee with your mum, so, you know, you’re not the only ones having adventures…
    Ride safe, try not to shatter to many egos, see you soon, zip

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