With our bikes wrapped in cling film, we board the plane in Dubrovnick completing our month long expedoliday @Alpkit #bikepacking

This time with the pictures which, lets face it, are much better than the words!

Lee Craigie

Our expedoliday is at an end. After a last night sleep in some bushes by Dubrovnick airport, our bikes have been wrapped in cling film and loaded (we hope) on the plane.
5 counties in 4 weeks and more adventures than we can shake a stick at.
It’s been a fascinating journey through diverse landscapes and cultures. From the rugged beauty of the Italian Dolomites, to the idyllic coastline of the Croatian Islands and atmospheric medieval towns then the dramatic heights of the mountains rising straight up out of the sea in Montenego and finally, a sobering roll through the old and new Bosnia & Hercegovina.
We opted for the road less travelled where possible, landing us in some trouble at the Bosnian border where we were told we must ride back over a 1100m pass 40km away to enter by the international border crossing (“this crossing is on small…

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