Why we rode the @world24hr for @NoMorePage3 this weekend. Have a wee read. It might get you thinking


Here we are. Lisa, Lee and Katy about to begin our individual attempts at the World 24 hour Mountain Bike Championships in Fort William.
Some if us did amazingly well. Katy won her Grand Vet age category and finished 10th overall woman. Lisa battled tirelessly to claim 7th place in the elite female category and place herself as 2nd British rider home.
Lee’s battles were mostly with a cold and she packed the race in before it properly began. It was a shame for her but she’s already planning the next challenge. Idiot.
We rode for The No More Page 3 Campaign because we believe young women should be given a choice of role models in this world and not be brought up to believe that admiration is won purely on looks.
We are not anti boobs. Indeed, we have some of our own. We just think that a mainstream publication like The Sun could be doing so much more to inspire and encourage the next generation to be amazing and not just look amazing. You see?

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