Introducing…Jimmy Shand @shandcycles @halowheels @SchwalbeUK #joneshbars @adventuresynd


Shand are a small Scottish based independent bike manufacturer who build the types of bikes that make people like me swoon. Steven Shand and Russell Stout took pity on my drooling, pitiful form when I arrived at their workshop earlier in the year to pick up Emily Chappell‘s custom made Stoater. At the time, my plan was to race The Tour Divide and, being adventurous types, this captured both Steven and Russell’s imaginations. They offered to build me a bike too.


What I didn’t realise was that I was entering into a relationship with them. The building of a bike is a very intimate thing and requires a frame builder to have an almost psychic understanding of their customer’s deepest wants and desires. Knowing the motivations, fears, passions, fantasies and hidden aspirations of a person having a frame build for them might not seem immediately relevant but sit on a Shand and tell me it’s not like having had your innermost thoughts read. I remain disconcerted in the extreme that Steven Shand has had access to this part of my mind.


I’ve since decided not to race the TD this year but save it and build up to a 2017 attempt (reasons why here) but Steven took my measurements anyway and at the same time established a rapport that had us bouncing ideas and dry humour around in a way that I understand now to have been important to the final build of my bike. We finally settled on a tweaked version of his award winning Bahookie with a greater standover height and slightly slacker head angle than is customary. To this we would fit 650b Halo wheels with plus sized Schwalbe tyres on a rigid carbon fork, run a Shimano group set with XTR 1 x11 and finish things off with a rather lovely set of Jones H-bars. I was even to have my first ever SP dynamo hub to USB charging unit stashed neatly in my stem top cap. So clever.

Well, that was the plan (and still is long term) but for now we have had to adapt a little. Our plus sized fork is somewhere still in transit on the Atlantic Ocean and I start the Highland Trail 550 in two days time. We have had to improvise. Jimmy Shand will have 29inch wheels on the HT550 and a short travel fork. This has not dampened my spirits at all only made me marvel at the versatility of minds and metal. It also means I get custom The Adventure Syndicate graphics on the outers which pleases me an unnatural amount.

And so a star is born. Complete with soundtrack. I’m already pretty sure this one’s for life.


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