Utterly, honestly, weirdly life changing ride on the @HT_550. 535 miles of remotest Scotland in 4 days 5 hours

Today I’ve woken from a dream. I’ve just spent 4 days covering unfathomable distances over some of Scotland’s most remote mountain passes on the Highland Trail 550. I’ve been sleep and calorie deprived, bruised, battered, rained on, midged and largely alone for days and can honestly say I’ve loved every single minute of it. I just felt constantly surprised, delighted and privileged to be moving through the day, dawn and dusk in such wild beautiful places. It was hard yet effortless at the same time. I can’t explain it better than that right now but I feel different today as a result of my four days on the HT550. Yes things hurt. I can’t get my shoes on or drink tea because my feet and lips are so swollen but this isn’t even an inconvenience. It’s just what is going on for me right now and what I’ve realised is it’s up to me how I feel about everything. Isn’t that liberating? I enjoy writing about most of my big rides but I can’t wait to write about this one. Utterly, honestly, weirdly life changing.