IMG_0699Fifteen years ago, I bought a second hand Specialized Stumpjumper from a guy who measured 6ft 5 inches in height. He kindly chucked in his size 9 clipless shoes and bright red Time Atac pedals to seal the deal and I flopped away on my barn gate of a bike blissfully happy and unaware I looked like a cartoon character.


I rode that bike, with those pedals, in those shoes for 4 years before getting my first sponsorship deal and being made to ride a bike that fitted. What will they think of next?


The shoes fell apart and I was given a pair that fitted (and coincidentally I got faster) but I continued to transfer my trusty red Time Atac pedals from race bike to race bike for the next 3 seasons.


When Time started supporting me with free pedals, I reluctantly replaced my trusty red aluminium Atacs with a set of lighter carbon ones but I serviced my original pedals and continued to use them everyday on my muck-around bike instead.


Another four years passed. I retired from XC racing and got into self -supported ultra endurance adventure riding. Time gave me more pedals for my growing fleet of bikes but, despite the red footplates having by now been scuffed to bare metal, my original 2nd hand 14 year old Time Atacs kept going.


Early last year, while riding home from the pub, I felt a quiet click through the sole of my shoe and detected slight play in one of my old friends. Then this Spring, after another year of fairly constant riding, it was with a heavy heart that I removed them from my bike and conceded their glory days were over. My right pedal was worn through and, like an old married couple, the left one whispered to me that it didn’t want to go on alone.


Technology moves on, extremely fast in the bike industry, but occasionally you find a product that defies the laws of probability and gives back financially, environmentally and (don’t laugh) emotionally. I loved those pedals. Thought I’d share.

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