3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Lee Craigie….who knew!!! Good to see you doing such fantastic stuff, not surprised but very proud…good work lady. Denise x

  2. Dearest Lee x not sure where to start really!!!!! I guess it was Dougie’s big sister … When she mailed me a few months ago…xx blah blah blah….
    Then, when I got it together to search you….. I found you and all this wonderful news I read you have been experiencing my dear sago sister!
    After all, it’s Lynn here, just incase you have not caught on!!!
    Lee, bloody excellent sister, I smile to see out and your life!!!!
    Well, whatever of it that’s online!!!!
    Ok, so I’m in my campervan parked if on the beach…. Antoine my husband us reading Akash our 5 year old boy a dr suess book!
    So much to say.. Blah blah blah
    I see this first, my test…
    U touch base when u can
    How’s ur mum ur sister???
    Hiw the hell are u?
    Akash has now the Robin Hood hat u have me (maybe u remember!!!
    Love ya sister
    Lynn x

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