screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-13-36-51Cycletherapy is an established youth project based in The Highlands of Scotland. For 11 years it has worked effectively one to one with young people  at risk of social exclusion for behavioural reasons. We use mountain biking and bike mechanics to engage these young people and help them change the negative ways they often think and feel about themselves.

Lee has 14 years experience working with young people displaying challenging behaviour through organizations such as The Venture Trust, Outward Bound, Fairbridge Edinburgh and latterly the Education, Culture and Sport department of the Highland Council.

She works sensitively from a sound psychotherapeutic training and uses a blend of technical mountain bike and social / emotional skills which challenge and nurture young people to change the negative ways they think and feel about themselves. With Cycletherapy, young people (either as individuals or in carefully selected groups) experience the emotion regulating effects of physical activity, develop practical skills and self esteem through bike mechanics and are subtlety challenged on the behaviours that are holding them back from achieving their potential.

Cycletherapy work is fully quantified and monitored and works by delivering regular, boundaried 2 hour sessions once week for blocks of 8 weeks. Objectives are developed and delivered in conjunction with the young person and referring organisation.

Cycletherapy accepts referrals from parents, teachers, social workers or other voluntary organizations.

In 2010, Cycletherapy secured £20,000 from ScotlandUnltd to develop the project into a self sustaining enterprise. In 2012, it was instrumental in developing a base, Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop, and has since widened it’s staff team to include Jenny Graham, and Ferga Perry. All experienced motivators and nurturers of people.


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