The Adventure Syndicate

Lee is co founder and co director of The Adventure Syndicate ; a visionary group of bike riders who share the desire to encourage more women and girls to challenge what they think they are capable of.

Women and girls can be discouraged from participating in sport for any number of social and psychological reasons but The Adventure Syndicate believes that independent, adventurous travel may succeed where more traditional routes have failed.

Although many women and girls are not attracted by the more overtly competitive elements of cycling, the personal and social benefits of riding for adventure or exploration can ensure a similar beneficial outcome. In addition, the possibilities for empowerment through the planning and execution of an adventurous bike ride can have untold benefits on participants’ self-esteem and confidence.

A diverse group of women will make up the ACS. From experienced ultra-endurance cyclists and Paralympians to young up-and-coming world-class mountain bikers and full-time mothers, all share the desire – and, more importantly, the ability – to communicate the countless benefits of adventuring by bike.

Using the written word, photography, film and public speaking members of The Adventure Syndicate will engage others using their own tales of inspiring adventure, either in person or via an interactive online platform, that will host articles and media content. Key AS members will also deliver a series of practical workshops and offer women and girls the opportunity to participate in adventure biking projects back in their own communities.

Our aims are:

– to encourage and enable our audience to take on their own adventure
– to offer advice and make tangible links with services in local communities that will help more girls and women achieve their adventurous objectives
– to provide an alternative, diverse, powerful female sporting model in the cycling industry where the activity, and not the looks of the participant, takes precedence